Kosmonauta.net at the SpaceEU conference


Between the 28th and 29th of February the SpaceEU conference will be held in Brussels. This event will focus on the development perspectives of the European space sector in the upcoming years. Kosmonauta.net’s representative will be present at this conference.

The next several years are going to be very important for the development of the European space industry, also for the Polish one. For example, right now the current European Commission’s Framework Programme is nearing completion and soon its follow-up programme Horizon 2020 will begin. In both cases there will be funds allocated to projects related to space and/or space applications.

In total, at the SpaceEU meeting there will be 473 representatives of the space sector, coming mainly from European Space Agency Member and Cooperating States. Apart from European companies and institutions, there will also be representatives from countries such as USA, Russia, China, Nigeria, Taiwan or South Africa.

During the last 30 days Kosmonauta.net’s representatives were present at two other important space sector conferences. On the 27th of January our representative participated in the Galileo Application Congress in Prague. Just few days later, our representatives travelled to Tallinn to attend the NordicBaltSat conference. All together, these three events give us an insight into the European space industry and its current status on a very wide spectrum of activities and applications.

A link to the list of participants of the SpaceEU conference:

If you wish to meet with Kosmonauta.net’s representative during the SpaceEU conference, please use the contact form.

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