Kosmonauta.net at the IAC 2014


For the fifth consecutive time Kosmonauta.net is present at the prestigious International Astronautical Congress (IAC), held this year in Canada.

The IAC is probably the most important conference for the global space sector. For almost a whole week hundreds of representatives meet and present their results and plans for the future. IAC is also an event, where the heads of major space agencies talk about the current and future development of the space programs

The IAC 2014 will be held from the 29th of September to the 3th of October in Toronto, Canada. This may be one of the biggest IAC editions of recent years, due to the geographical proximity to the American space sector as well as due to the considerable interest on this conference in Europe. Kosmonauta.net will also participate again in this event, presenting a poster this time.

This year Kosmonauta.net’s poster is elaborated in cooperation with the Czech Space Office. Our joint work provides an overview of the Polish and Czech space sectors and their recent development as a result of joining the European Space Agency (ESA) as Member States. In our work, we analyze the considerable increase in the number of recent space-related activities and evaluate them together with the current challenges that remain to be solved. This work is a continuation of Kosmonauta.net’s presentations at IAC 2012 and IAC 2013. However, this time we provide a more general overview about this topic. The poster will be presented at the 27th Symposium on Space Policy, Regulations and Economics.

In addition, this year one of our Kosmonauta.net representatives is also a member of a team presenting two papers at the Congress. They are the result of the team project ‘Public Health and Space’ and the workshop ‘Mars Treaty Making’ carried out during his participation this past summer in the Space Studies Program of the International Space University (ISU). The papers will be presented at the IAA/IAF Space Life Science Symposium and the 57th IISL Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space, respectively.

If you wish to meet with Kosmonauta.net representatives at IAC 2014 please contact us via email (krzysztof.kanawka@kosmonauta.net, michal.moroz@kosmonauta.net or natalia.larrea.brito@kosmonauta.net).

See you there!

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