GLIC 2015: details of the CTO panel and the panel no.1


The GLIC 2015 conference is coming closer. Organizers give more details about two of many planned discussion panels.

The Global Space Innovation Conference by International Astronautical Federation will take place between 23rd and 25th of June 2015 in Munich. One of the main points of this important for the space sector event, will be dicussion panels. Organizers give more details about two of them.

Chief Technology Officers’ panel

IAF and co-hosts will welcome Chief Technology Officers (CTO) and other leaders who will
exchange during the “Global CTO Conversation” on the most critical issues at the heart of longterm innovation capacity.

The international “Global CTO Conversation” led by Dr. Robie I. Samanta Roy, Vice President
Technology and Innovation of Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC) whose main responsibility is to lead the Corporation’s enterprise-level technology innovation strategy to ensure the Corporation’s continuing ability to develop and leverage new technologies to help solve customers’ most challenging problems, will bring together the most innovative and forward-thinking private and public sector leaders, in the context of the IAF community and mission, to develop better understanding of exponential and transformative innovation, cross-sector business strategies to drive new value creation for organizations and society, and public policy recommendations supportive of regional, national and international innovation ecosystems.

Among the panelists, will be present:

  • Dr. Detlef Müller-Wiesner, Head of E-Aircraft Program Directorate and External R&T Affairs Group Coordination of Corporate Technical Office, Airbus Group,
  • Dr. Yasunori Mochizuki, Vice President of NEC Central Research Laboratories,
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Rittweger, Director of DLR Institute for Space Systems,
  • Dr. Piero Messidoro, CTO Deputy and VP of R&D, Technology and Product Policy, Thales Alenia Space,
  • Dr. Dan Snustad Technical Director, 3M Corporation,
  • Dr. JangSoo Ryoo, President of Korean Association for S&T,
  • Mr. Scott Fouse, VP and Director of Space Systems Advanced Technology Center, Lockheed Martin Corporation.
What makes a successful entrepreneur so special?

Guest of the no. 1 panel will start with one simple yet difficut question: What makes a successful entrepreneur so special?

Entrepreneurial success does not necessarily correspond to having knowledge, skills or abilities exceeding those of less successful entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, successful role models in activities of entrepreneurship and new venture creation have a very strong impact on other innovative minds thinking about creating a business.

That is why, during this panel, prominent space industry entrepreneurs from around the world
such as:

  • Scott Larson, CEO and Director of Urthecast,
  • Dr. Sias Mostert, Group Managing Director of Space Commercial Services
  • Max Beaumont, Founder of Giaura,
  • Karin Nilsdotter, CEO at Spaceport Sweden AB,
  • Nobu Okada, CEO of Astroscale.

They will explain how they were able to start a successful enterprise and how they manage, despite the obstacles and difficulties, to carry on their business. The discussion will focus on those real problems experienced in the foundation of their companies and will also give helpful insights on how a successful business can be created based on space technologies.

Panelists will be moderated in the discussion by Mr. Frank Salzgeber, Head of Technology Transfer Programme Office at the Directorate of Technical and Quality Management at the European Space Agency (ESA).

If you are interested in becoming a successful entrepreneur and learn more about the specific
features of this great profession, please register by writing an email to
More details on GLIC 2015 final programme are available here.

GLIC 2015 is co-organized by the IAF, DLR, ESA and Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology. is the media partner of the GLIC 2015.




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