Meet The Space conference concluded


Between the 5th and 6th of December the “Meet The Space” conference was held in Krakow. A representative was present at the event.

Since the entry of Poland to the European Space Agency (ESA) a growing interest in the space sector can be noticed. This trend is also manifested through conferences, which gather various Polish communities interested to join the space sector. An example can be the “Meet The Space” conference in Krakow.

At the event several Polish R&D entities and academic institutes presented their qualifications and plans for the future. The industry sector was represented by the recently created SSBV Polska company. Several representatives from ESA came to this event as well, including two Poles, who are employed as Young Graduate Trainees (YGT).

During the conference a representative of the AGH University in Krakow described the current status of the Polish-German educational satellite project, named DEPLiX. The status and science behind the Polish BRITE-PL satellites was also presented.

Other presentations worth mentioning were: the usage of lasers for satellite and spece debris observation, a software project for satellite orbit tracking or the space projects abilities of the Polish Space Research Center. A representative from gave a presentation on the Polish space sector development options. This presentation generated considerable interest and several questions were asked.

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The attendees to the event / Credits - K. Kanawka,

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