Seeing beyond the visible challenge


Seeing beyond the visible: become the one whose algorithm will fly into space onboard the Intuition-1 satellite. 

We only have one Earth that gives us the capacity to live, so why not exploit the cutting-edge airborne and satellite hyperspectral imaging technology for more sustainable agriculture and a better future for our planet? That’s the focus of the challenge created by KP Labs and ESA and partner QZ Solutions. The challenge starts on February 2022 and will pave a way for the contesting teams to revolutionize the future of farming. 

The main objective of the “Seeing beyond the visible” challenge is to automate the process of estimating soil parameters by extracting the data from airborne hyperspectral images acquired over agricultural areas in Poland. The inspiration behind the challenge is the upcoming Intuition-1 mission, which aims to monitor the surface of Earth using a hyperspectral instrument and an onboard computing unit capable of processing data using artificial intelligence in orbit.  

The winners will have a unique opportunity to deploy their solution onboard Intuition-1 – a 6U-class satellite developed by KP Labs, which is scheduled for launch in Q1 2023. In addition, the teams with the best results will be invited to co-author a paper summarizing the challenge in a top-tier journal.   

This challenge is part of the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) 2022 at which the results and the winning team will be revealed. All authors can summarize their solutions in a conference paper and submit it to IEEE ICIP. 

For whom? The challenge is aimed at students, PhD students, start-ups and anyone in love with algorithms and space!  

Duration? The challenge starts in February and ends on 1 July 2022.    

How to do it? Reaching for the stars has now become very easy. Just sign up for the challenge: AI4EO , and have the opportunity to leave your mark in outer space. It’s your algorithm and our Intuition-1 satellite that can fly into orbit together and do something amazing for our planet! Let’s see into the future – with #HYPERVIEW! 

(KP Labs)

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