Kosmonauta.net’s third anniversary


Kosmonauta.net has just reached its third anniversary. We would like to thank everyone for the growing interest in our website.

Three years have passed since the creation of www.kosmonauta.net . It was a very active period – we published over 3600 articles,participated in Polish and foreign events, supported and took part in several projects and finally, decided to launch a commercial venture. In three years we moved from a small website to a relatively big service, which is considered as an important and needed initiative – also outside of Poland.

The fourth year of our venture is also the first under the Ltd. – type company. We plan to extend our services well outside the visible www.kosmonauta.net website. Moreover, we plan to actively participate in and support the young Polish space industry, using our knowledge and experience. We hope that our activities will be helpful to other companies, organisations or groups related to astronautics or astronomy.

Thank you for your visits, comments and emails. Without you Kosmonauta.net wouldn’t be today in this place!

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