Race To Mars – November 2013 status


The Race To Mars game is being developed since the last several months. This article presents the current development status of the game.

Since early August the Race To Mars game is being developed through subsequent Alpha Funding stages. Right now it is possible for players to buy and test an early version of the Race To Mars game. In return, the game developers receive funding for further production stages.

During the last several weeks the Race To Mars developers have worked on the details of some game features, especially R&D activities and their implementation. It has been a time-consuming and difficult process, because these features are important to the gameplay as whole. Some work has also been done on the graphical user interface and building details.

The developers of Race To Mars have also accomplished a major achievement. After several months of trying and due to support of over 14 thousand votes, the Valve company accepted the Race To Mars game to their online shop. This shop is called Steam and it is the biggest gaming online store with as much as 65 million clients from all over the World. This is a huge opportunity for the Race To Mars team, as some games can generate as much as 80% of downloads through this  platform. The early version of the game should be released on Steam in January 2014.

In November and December two early builds are planned for release. Now the game developers are focusing on adding some extra features to these builds, which should be ready before the first release on Steam.

The Race To Mars is a turn based space company manager. The player takes the role of the CEO of a start-up from the space industry. The long-term goal of this game is to create a Mars colony before the competition. Before this goal is reached, there will be many years of R&D activities, contracts, missions, random events and failures.

The Race To Mars game is created by the INTERMARUM company from the city of Opole in southern Poland. Kosmonauta.net is helping in this venture as a science and technology consultant.


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