Kosmonauta.net to organize Galileo Masters 2014 in Poland


Kosmonauta.net has become the official organizer of the Polish edition of the European Space Navigation Competition in 2014.

The European Space Navigation Competition (ESNC), named also Galileo Masters, is an European event, which selects the best application and device concepts for satellite navigation usage (GNSS). These ideas can be related to a wide spectrum of applications – ranging from entertainment, through various means of navigation, up to aviation, medicine and public safety. Since 2004 more than 2400 application ideas have been submitted to ESNC and over 200 winners and finalists have been selected. Many of these ideas were later introduced to the market in form of commercial products.

Galileo Masters competition will begin on the 1st of April with the submissions deadline of the 30th of June 2014. During this time everyone can submit his or her application idea to any of the regional competitions. Later, in July and August the ideas will be evaluated by independent experts.

The Polish ESNC edition was held only once, in 2012. The results were very encouraging and suggested a need to coordinate further ESNC editions in Poland. Now, after a one year break, ESNC comes back to Poland. Kosmonauta.net Ltd. is the official regional coordinator of this competition.

The best submitted idea will receive the Polish ESNC prize for 2014. At the same time, every idea can compete for further, special ESNC prizes. In 2013 organised were seven special prizes and one main (“Galileo Master”) prize. They were sponsored by several entities, including the German Space Agency DLR, European Space Agency ESA and European Satellite Navigation Agency GSA.

The full prize list for the Polish ESNC edition will be announced by the end of March. At that time we will also announce a list of places, which will be visited between April and June in order to encourage participation to this competition. If you or your entity would like to receive more information about the Polish edition of ESNC, please send us an email to galileo-masters@kosmonauta.net.

A dedicated Polish ESNC webpage: www.galileo-masters.pl and poland.galileo-masters.eu

Press release: kosmonauta.net/dokumentacja/PR1_07-03-2014_PL_v2.pdf

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