A Polish company at the Disrupt Space Summit in Bremen


On April 7-8th in the city of Bremen the Disrupt Space Summit will be held. The event will feature 300 participants, who will look at options presented by the space industry from an entrepreneur perspective.

“The Summit will bring together key stakeholders from Europe and beyond, bridging corporate representatives, investors, entrepreneurs, and government officials to drive innovation forward through a unique, interactive event format.” said Magni Johannsson, Co-lead of the Disrupt Space Summit. “It will be the perfect place to develop innovative entrepreneurial space ventures.”

Space industry related companies, aspiring enterpreneurs, government entities, corporations and investors can participate to the event.

As for the Polish participation at the Disrupt Space Summit, Blue Dot Solutions was qualified to attend. The company works on own products utilising EO data, GNSS and provides custom services related to the European space market.

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