IAC 2013 – concluding words


Last week the International Astronautical Congress event concluded in Beijing. Almost four thousand attended to this conference.

The International Astronautical Congress (IAC) is probably the most important conference of the space sector. Every year the IAC is being held in different city on a different continent. Last year’s edition was held in Naples, Italy – this year the host city was Beijing, China. IAC is the perfect place to present the status of local, national, regional and international space sector as well as potential future paths of development.

On the last day of IAC 2013 the host city of the 2016 edition was selected. As expected and due to a very big promotion at the event, the Mexican candidacy was chosen. In three years the International Astronautical Congress will be held at Guadalajara, the second biggest city of the country.

During the last days of the congress a smaller attendance was observed. Still some countries held banquet events, as for example in the case of Ukraine and the Czech Republic. Offered were local specialties and drinks.

The IAC publications and presentations have been released as well. The conference DVD image file may be downloaded at this page.

At the DVD there are also two of our papers: Innovative outreach activities using the Kosmonauta.net webservice and First Polish activities as a full member of ESA. The paper codes are: IAC-13,E1,7,1,x18395 and IAC-13,E3,1,4,x17605 2013. We encourage you to read them and to send us your comments.

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