Webinar: Lunar Space Markets


Is the Moon going to become an emerging space market? A webinar created by Dr Stella Tkatchova analyses this possibility.

Space market is certainly developing. However, almost all of it is closely related to planet Earth. So far very little has been achieved in “deep space” or lunar market(s), despite several notable attempts. This situation may change within few years.

It is possible that by 2024 astronauts will return to the Moon. This time this return will be done in more commercial manner, with wider cooperation between agencies and companies. Will it become a beginning of a true “space market”? Dr Stella Tkatchova analyses this possibility in the following webinar.

Webinar: Lunar Space Markets / Credits – Stella Tkatchova

Dr. Stella Tkatchova is a project manager for a Belgian space company. She has previously worked as a project manager of long-term research innovations for the European Commission. She was awarded a PhD by the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU-Delft and also holds an MSS degree, from ISU. Written in her free time, the book expresses her purely personal views and does not reflect the ideas of any of the entities with which she is or has been affiliated. She is also the author of the the book Space-Based Technologies and Commercialised Development 2011. Several years ago she founded the international Journal of Space Technology Management & Innovation (IJSTMI).

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