Galileo Masters 2014 Polish Edition – experts meeting


On Friday the 29th of August, the expert team for the Polish region of Galileo Masters has met. Jury shortlisted the competition finalists and the winner.

After the 7th of July the review phase of submissions began. Each region designated its team of experts, who by now have already met or soon will meet in order to select the best proposals.

The Polish experts met on the 29th of August at the Polish Agency of Industry Development (Agencji Rozwoju Przemysłu, ARP) in Warsaw.

The Polish team of experts consists of seven professionals from various science, technological and business societies:

  • Romuald Zadrożny – director of the innovation department at Polish Agency of Industry Development
  • Tomasz Tarczyński – president of the board of Radom’s Center of Innovation and Technology (Radomskie Centrum Innowacji i Technologii)
  • Prof. Włodzimierz Lewandowski – president of the Galileo System Group at Committee of Space and Satellite Research PAS (Zespół ds. Systemu Galileo przy Komitecie Badań Kosmicznych i Satelitarnych PAN)
  • Jakub Ryzenko – director of the Crisis Information Center at SRC PAN (Centrum Informacji Kryzysowej przy Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN)
  • Piotr Koza – applications and services manager at Astri Polska sp. z o.o.
  • Marcin Kowalik – co-founder of the Black Pearls capital found
  • Krzysztof Kanawka – co-founder of the sp. z o.o.

The team had a difficult task to accomplish, because most of the Polish submissions to ESNC 2014 were of a high quality. Due to this fact some experts had significantly different opinion about several submissions.
During the jury meeting all submissions has been evaluated. Five the best submissions has been selected, including the winner. Also the prizes pool has been divided between them. Four the best submissions will get a cash prize, where the winner will get almost 2500 euro (10 000 zł) cash prize.

The next evaluation stage of submissions will be held in the Netherlands on 15th and 16th of September. At the European Space Agency ESTEC center, experts from all regions will meet and select overall winners and select special prizes.

The winners of ESNC 2014 will be announced at the Final Gala, which will be held on the 23rd and 24th of October in Berlin. At that event winners of regional editions will receive their prizes. Other regional prizes will be given on Regional Galas – the date of the Polish one is yet to be announced, but it will be held probably at the beginning of November.

About the competition

The European Space Navigation Competition (ESNC) is a pan-European event, which aims to select and promote the best ideas related to satellite navigation (GNSS). It is commonly known as “Galileo Masters”, which refers to the name of the main competition prize and to the European navigation system.

This competition is realised in a formula of regional editions, where a region can be a country, state within a country or even a city. This year’s edition has been organised by Ltd., due to own positive experiences in past ESNC events. It is the second time this competition is organised in Poland – the previous time happened in 2012. In total, in 2014 there were 26 regional editions, including countries from outside of Europe, such as Israel and Mexico.

“The active phase” of Galileo Masters was held between the 1st of April and 7th of July. During that period anyone could submit their GNSS application ideas through the ESNC webpage. This competition was open to everyone, including individuals, informal groups, start-ups, established commercial entities as well as research and academic groups.

In total this year’s ESNC gathered 434 submissions. The Polish edition attracted 22 application proposals, which resulted in the fourth place in number of submissions. The same amount of proposals was submitted to the German Hessia and Belgian Flanders regions. It is a higher number of submissions than in some established ESNC regions with a long participation tradition.

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