The founding of Polish Space Industry Employer Association


On the 31st October 2012 the Polish Space Industry Employer Association was officially founded. This organization will act as the voice of the companies, which will create the Polish space industry.

With Poland joining the European Space Agency (ESA) as a new member one can see a number of additional activities in the country related to the growing space industry. One of them is the founding of the Space Industry Employer Association (Polish – Zwiazek Pracodawcow Sektora Kosmicznego, ZPSK), which took place in the HQ of The Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (Polish – Panstwowy Instytut Automatyki i Pomiarow, PIAP).

The association will be a voice of the industry, which in time will create and develop the Polish space industry. This is important as most of ESA activities are done not by scientific institutions, but the commercial sector, ranging from SMEs to big corporations with thousands of employees. Thus, the Polish space industry should have a similar structure, focusing mostly on commercial applications of space technologies.

The starting work on the Association was being done over the last few months.  Finally, the Association was officially founded on the 31st of October.

During the next weeks intensive work is planned within this group. The firms within the Space Industry Employer Association are going to present recommendations, which the Polish government will use to select the levels of funding for various ESA programs. Since a number of ESA’s programs are optional, each member state choose on their own whether to develop a technology or do scientific research in certain fields. The selection process has to be done with consideration of the potential and competencies of local companies.

The Association was founded by 19 companies. Some work only in the space industry, others plan to extend into the space sector. Another dozen companies have already declared to join the Association soon

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