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Kosmonauta.net is a Polish space industry company focused on providing specialised services to the young and inexperienced space industry across Central Europe.

We try to provide technical consultancy, market analysis, search for potential partners and projects and promote space-related activities. Our ‘front-end’, visible to the public, is the Kosmonauta.net website, which was  inaugurated in January 2009. This website is now visited by more than thousand unique visitors each day (sometimes more than ten thousands). Our visitors are mostly associated with engineering and often working at Polish high-tech companies and institutions.

We also provide various space related services. Some of them are free of charge, which are an important element of mission of Kosmonauta.net, as we aim to inform about space activities from our region, which are usually unknown to the public. For further details please contact us via the contact form.

Kosmonauta.net’s expertise
We have a team with a broad knowledge of the local space industry and offer various think-tank analyses. They can be of interest for local and foreign companies hoping to invest in the space sector in Poland and Central Europe. We are aware of the local merits, which can be helpful in your investments but also of the regional obstacles in the growing space industry. The offered analyses include the economic, law, technical and other specialized perspectives.

For further inquiries please contact us via the contact form.

About us
Kosmonauta.net is being created by more than twenty young scientists, engineers and creative people with a business background. Among us there are several PhDs, also educated outside Poland. Some of us participated in small satellite projects or held positions in international space-related organisations. We aim to assist to the young space industries in countries of our region, especially those expecting to join the European Space Agency or new members of this agency.


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