Poland Prize powered by Space3ac: Virtual Demo Day with 12 startups


Space3ac, the leading Polish startup accelerator program, is set to host a virtual Demo Day event on February 28, 2023. This event will feature 12 innovative startups that have started their businesses in Poland thanks to the Poland Prize program organized by PARP. These startups promise to revolutionize their respective industries and offer groundbreaking solutions.

The participating startups in this virtual Demo Day offer a diverse range of products and services, demonstrating the breadth of innovation in Poland’s startup ecosystem. They are companies focused on the space sector, ground segment of aviation, advertising, AI, and voice recognition. Each startup has its unique story, with products and services that aim to disrupt and revolutionize their respective industries.

The event allows these startups to showcase their innovations and gain exposure to a global audience. It also offers a chance for attendees to discover new and exciting ideas and meet the founders and teams behind these businesses. 

The virtual Demo Day will take place on February 28, 2023. It is open to attend for everyone interested in discovering the latest innovations in Poland’s startup scene. The event will be held on the LiveWebinar platform. Attendees can register for free to access extra materials from the participating startups, and watch live pitches and sessions with VC & corporate representatives.

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Space3ac, the organizer of this virtual Demo Day event, is the leading accelerator program focused on tech-related startups in Poland. The program provides support, funding, and mentorship to early-stage companies working on technology and applications. By hosting this virtual Demo Day event, Space3ac is promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Poland and offering a glimpse into the future of the country’s startup ecosystem.


  • Welcome speech
  • Poland Prize powered by Space3ac by the numbers
  • Pitching session part I
  • Presentation by Bank Pekao – “A short guide to establishing collaboration with corporate partners”
  • Pitching session part II
  • Presentation by VC – “Where is the money in 2023?”
  • Award ceremony

If you are interested in the latest innovations in Poland’s startup scene, the virtual Demo Day is an event not to be missed. It is an opportunity to discover new technologies and learn from the best and brightest minds in the country. Join us and discover the future of Poland’s startup ecosystem.

Meet the startups: 

BannerBoo: World’s easiest yet professional Ad Builder. BannerBoo is a creative management platform that allows businesses to accelerate and automate ad creation processes.

LabiOffice: Suite of tools to Build, Manage & Grow an eCommerce Business. With LabiOffice, customers can access multiple software under one login and dashboard, which easily integrates with their Shopify store.

AI Analytics: AI-powered data analytics. Startup provides tools based on artificial intelligence (AI) that are used to analyze audio and text data.

Getpin: SaaS that helps offline businesses manage their online presence to increase in-store traffic and improve customer experience. Getpin offers two products for multi-location global and national brands and small-medium enterprises.

Stair2Air: Stair2Air aims to improve the way we use airport equipment. Their goal is the robotization of various types of vehicles. Thanks to the automation of platforms and vehicles, they are more accessible and safer.

Bidrento: The Best Property Management Software. For Landlords and Property Management Companies to easily manage residential rentals, co-living, student housing, and commercial real estate portfolios in one place from anywhere at any time.

Airport of Things: Ground Handling services at cruise speed. Application enabling centralization of data management and improving information accuracy and reliability. The product provides end-to-end visibility for efficient maintenance of the machines used every day at airports.

SVEXA: Optimized training, recovery, and performance. Personalized insights for sports training, physical activity, and performance scenarios. Sports tech providers, professional sports clubs and franchises, corporate health programs, general well-being, and military training can use the technology.

THR System: THR operates in the field of modern solutions for monitoring the state of industrial, technological processes, fire protection works, or smart city solutions.

Venture Coders: ML, Big Data, and AI. Venture Coders created a platform that manages email notifications in a way the client chooses. The product improves employee productivity by helping to handle incoming messages and reminding of essential tasks.

Inclusive IT: Web accessibility – for all and everyone. Web accessibility automation decreases the cost and increases the speed of reaching web accessibility on websites. The startup started to develop web accessibility automation services, “Digital Pandus.”

Postello: Postello offers you the magic to promote your business on social media platforms using AI. From now on, you don’t have to spend your time promoting your business on social media.

Business Partners working with startups:  Bank Pekao, PGNiG, PZU LAB,  WELCOME Airport Services, KMD Poland, Port of Gdansk Authority.

To attend the event and access extra materials from the participating startups, please register on the LiveWebinar platform. We hope to see you there!

Do you want to join us? Click →  https://meeting.space3.ac/283-297-244

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