After the Pomeranian EOvation hackathon (12-13.01.2018)


On January 12th and 13th the Pomeranian EOvation workshop utilising satellite data was held. It was already the second hackathon of the EOClimLab project in Gdansk, Poland.

The EOClimLab project commissioned by the European Space Agency is taking place in Poland, Czech Republic and Romania since November 2016. Its aim is to utilise satellite data to create new climate change resilience solutions. A part of the project is the organisation of dedicated hackathon events called EOvations. At those meetings programmers, engineers and other specialists (also non-technical ones) work jointly on their own application concept in a short time.

Pomeranian theme

The Pomeranian EOvation event took place from Friday to Saturday on January 12-13th in the premises of Inkubator Starter in Gdansk. The 24 hours long workshop was focusing on climate change impacts related to the Pomeranian region in northern Poland.

During the event five teams worked with support of scientific, technical and business-investment specialists. The participants could choose from a few topics, such as post-hurricane damage assessment, increase of Sea Level in the Żuławy Region, or impact of temperature rise on the tourism sector.

Workshop results

Greeny presents their idea in front of the Jury / Maciej Roszkowski

After intense 24 hours on Saturday afternoon the teams presented their concepts in front of the jury. All teams showed examples of satellite data use for their ideas. One team even created a working prototype of a tourist counting entrance gate.

The best team, Greeny, mostly consisting of high school students from Gdynia proposed a solution showing the most profitable place to place wind and solar energy. By clicking an area on the map, the application user can see how fast investment into renewable energies can make break even.

The second place was given to the Drzazga (pl Splinter) team, which presented a solution counting and assessing fallen tree value in areas – such as in Rytel in 2017 – where a hurricane passed through.

The third place was given to the RISA project, presenting a solution counting and analysing the behaviour of tourists on beaches. The system would also inform of the weather patterns and suggest less crowded areas, including beach restaurants which currently do not face a large number of customers.

Fourth place was given ex equo to the KPK and Wind Chill teams for two different visions of a system calculating the tourism attractiveness index of a given terrain.

Greeny at work / Maciej Roszkowski

The main prize for Greeny was a voucher of 2000 EUR for commercial satellite data purchase. All teams also received additional business consulting hours. RISA was granted a voucher for tickets to visit Sweden by ferry with the Stena Line company. The Drzazga team was given access to the coworking space in the Starter Inkubator. KPK and Wind Chill were granted a set of sensors of humidity and air quality for Raspberry Pi.

The event was organized by the Blue Dot Solutions company with the support of the Black Pearls VC, Inkubator Starter and the media patronage of

Next events

The next programming workshop within the EOClimLab project in Gdańsk will be held in march. This time the main theme will be the use of Earth Observation data the Baltic Sea area.

Within the EOClimLab consortium the entities from Poland are following: Omnilogy, Blue Dot Solutions, Orange, Integrated Solutiona and Kapitech. On the Czech side its: Czech Invest and SpaceSystems Czech and on the Romanian side: Arobs Transsilvania Software, Aries Transilvania and Indeco Soft.

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