EO ClimLab – new source of knowledge on climate change


Would you like to learn more about climate change or possibilities of use of Earth observation data? If your answer is YES then discover the EO ClimLab Polska fanpage today.

Are you interested in Earth Observation data, but it is too difficult to use them? Perhaps you would like to learn more about climate change and its impact on our planet?

If your answer at least to one of these questions is YES then discover the EO ClimLab Polska fanpage today.

Climate changes are currently the subject of intense research, while data collected from satellites provides regular monitoring of those changes. Earth Observations (EO) are currently one of the main sources of information about our environment, but knowledge on possibilities of their use is still low. EO ClimLab Polska is the response to this problem. This fanpage was created in the frame of an international project named “EO ClimLab”, which is funded by European Space Agency (ESA).

EO ClimLab / Credits – EO ClimLab, ESA

The project is being realised in Poland, Romania and Czech Republic. The idea of the site is to introduce readers to the potential of EO data and to disseminate knowledge on its use in different sectors of economy. They are particularly important for solving challenges related to climate change. Apart from various information on the above topics, readers will also find links to interesting online courses and events organized in the frames of the project in Gdansk and Warsaw.

Fanpage EO ClimLab Polska is available at: www.facebook.com/EOClimLabPolska.

(EO ClimLab)

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