Blue Dot Solutions officially announced


At the turn of 2014/2015, the Blue Dot Solutions Ltd. company was established in Gdańsk with the support of Black Pearls VC. It was founded by the expert team best known for the company and website.

Blue Dot Solutions relies on the knowledge and experience acquired by its employees in previous space related projects and the information website. The main aim of the new company is to commercialize integrated applications projects utilizing satellite data.

The continuous establishment of new contacts within the country and abroad, as well as knowledge on satellite technologies and their market creates an opportunity for Blue Dot Solutions. These include a wide range of consulting activities and B2B services related mainly to European Space Agency (ESA) projects as well as Horizon 2020 (IT, space and defence) calls.

Blue Dot Solutions activities are supported by the expert team from the most successful fund in the north of Poland, Black Pearls VC. Within this cooperation, the outlined companies were able to run a very successful Polish edition of the “Galileo Masters” competition. Out of all the 26 regional editions Poland ranks 4th in the highest number of proposals received in 2014.

Encouraged by the results, the next regional edition of the competition will start this April. Blue Dot Solutions invites other entities to co-organize the event. Along with Black Pearls VC the company also coordinates the POSITION project, conducted within a Horizon 2020 call. These activities are carried out with the aim of supporting new Polish solutions utilizing satellite navigation.

Members of Blue Dot Solutions already cooperate with the European Space Agency for instance in managing the Polish language desk of the Agency’s website. In addition the company is carrying out a research project in the framework of the Space for Mediterranean region (SpaceForMed) initiative jointly supported by the European Investment Bank and ESA. The study focuses on exploring sustainable service opportunities that utilize the benefits of space assets in water management applications in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The recently founded company will continue to maintain the website, which is at present the largest information medium focusing on the space industry in Polish language. The company also looks forward to conduct internal R&D projects, including stratospheric balloon utilizing the Hevelius platform.

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