The HATCH project needs your input!


Soon HATCH will be launched – a new webportal dedicated to European research and development activities in the space sector.

The project was launched on November 6th 2017. It’s main goal was outlined by the European Commission, which called for “supplying an information-based, user friendly and visually appealing single resource for space research in Europe.”

Design Review meeting in Barcelona / HATCH

The first version of the portal was presented at the end on June 2018 in Barcelona during the Design Review meeting.

Currently the consortium gathers additional information and comments from space passionates about the user experience of the new webportal. Your input will allow us to provide a better service. Comments can be sent through a dedicated questionnaire at the following URL. Answers will be gathered until July 23rd.

HATCH will make the findings of the European space projects available to professionals in the field, interested citizens, journalists and educators. It will also help to form new partnerships, enable funding analysis, identify commercial opportunities that are created by the findings, generate interest in space exploration and science.

Leading search technologies will enable individuals and organisations to identify trends, create their own filters and searches and to set up dynamic research networks. Search engine optimisation tactics and an extensive communication and dissemination strategy will provide the stakeholders with greater visibility and understanding of the project.

The ready HATCH webportal will be launched at the end of March 2019. More about HATCH can be read at the project website.

The HATCH project is funded from Horizon 2020, the European research and development program under grant agreement no. 776357. The Blue Dot Solutions company is the leader of the project.

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