Will ESA’s Director General visit Poland in September 2012?


Unofficial sources suggest that European Space Agency’s Director General – Jean-Jacques Dordain – will visit Poland in the middle of September 2012. His visit is related to Poland joining ESA.

This year is very important to the Polish space sector. In February, the technical part of negotiations between Poland and ESA was completed. Later, on the 13th of June 2012, the Polish government accepted the negotiation terms. At that time, a public support action to join ESA was underway in the country.

The ESA Council approved Poland’s accession to the agency on the 13th of July 2012. Since that time, an unofficial joining date – the 1st of January 2013 – was set. Currently, Poland participates as an observer in the ESA Council.

The most recent and still unofficial information suggest, that in the middle of September ESA’s Director General will visit Poland. The visit of Jean-Jacques Dordain is likely related to Poland’s joining process. There is a high probability that during this visit the accession documents will be signed between Poland and the agency. More information about this visit should be available within the next week.

Unofficial sources tell also of plans to create an ESA education bureau and technology incubator before the end of 2013. Both are seen as vital for space industry from the perspective of NGOs connected with high and space technologies. The NGOs proposed to create those institutions last year during the social consultations related to the development of space systems and technologies action. Still, further details on those institutions are not known yet.


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