Meet 10 Startups implementing innovations to corporations


We are pleased to present to you 10 startups from 7 countries that have just started their business adventure in Gdańsk, Poland. Over the next few months, the teams will implement technologies to large enterprises from our program. Keep your fingers crossed for them, and if you want to join the Space3ac Poland Prize II, hurry up because the application phase ends on November 30th, 2021.  

Meet 10 startups implementing innovations to corporations 🚀

CostPocket helps to automate expense management processes and save up to 63% of time spent on processing expense documents. For accounting professionals, startup provides a semi-automated expense report creation solution integrated with many accounting software platforms. 

uTrigg mission is to create empathy online between conscious corporations and consumers, especially around ESG and other focused company activities. The startup helps marketing specialists to increase engagement with customers to 30% by deep customer feedback with emotion AI analytics.

Werbot built a platform to make the sharing of server access simple and secure. Users connect to all servers accessible to them, with a single sign-on using their login and their private key. All work performed on the servers is recorded as a screencast, which can be viewed in the player in your account. 

Battlejungle is an online platform specially designed for successfully managing employee engagement activities and events. Provides a collection of thematic activities for teams of all kinds. Thanks to the gamification solution, companies are able to better attract, motivate & retain top talent in the workplace.

Vanongo service saves time and ensures reliable last mile delivery. Startup created an AI based last-mile delivery platform that connects enterprises, customers with a network of drivers. They provide enterprises ‘Amazon-like’ on-demand delivery on behalf of their brands.

SoftPRO is all about general, industrial and street lighting. The startup specializes in IoT for industry and builds interoperative and easy to scale-up systems for general lighting.

Aeroblue offers producers of composite materials a solution that allows controlling the quality of the manufactured structures. The developed system will be able to adapt to the individual needs of each client and the type of structures produced.

D3 is a German technology startup providing business solutions based on AI. The software augments the entire decision process by combining human intuition with AI to navigate uncertainty.

Atlas Tech develops a solution of creating Individualized offers for contractors combined with visualization of existing infrastructure of the port in an interactive form that allows for effective imaging of investment stages and spatial analysis of existing plots.

Baltic Orbital Services  builds transport and service spacecraft equipped with control system (enabling independent orientation, navigation and stabilization) and multi-ignitable propulsion system. The spacecraft will be dedicated to support individual satellites and cluster launches by modifying the orbital altitude and inclination.

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