Black Pearls VC invests in Swedish-Polish deep-tech startup IamIP


IamIP, a world leader of cloud-based IP (intellectual property) solutions, announces their investment from Black Pearls VC. The intellectual property industry is plagued by complexity with over 3.3M new patents filed every year, and over €17Bn is lost in double work in R&D in Europe alone. IamIP’s platform enables technology-based companies to easily overview and evaluate their intellectual property portfolios, monitor competition, and get valuable strategic insights.

With the groundbreaking platform of IamIP, all IP-related stakeholders (engineers in R&D departments, lawyers in IP department, product managers, or the management) can now collaborate on one platform. The ease of use, the worldwide coverage of patent data, and the modern features lead to efficient collaboration, minimizing risks (e.g., infringing other patents), and getting back into the driver seat of each companies IP behavior and strategy.

IamIP was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, and grew rapidly in Scandinavia, then in the German-speaking markets (DACH). The company has also established its office in Szczecin, currently recruiting R&D and IT specialists. The company created a diverse mix of talents and skills. Dimitris Giannoccaro is responsible for strategic growth, and tech lead Wojciech Nowicki, a world-class machine learning specialist, is responsible for technology development and management of the R&D department. The Swedish-Polish team is now a provider of solutions for managing intellectual property for companies around the world.

“It’s an honor, but also makes me proud to serve much more than 100 international customers – from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Most of our success is based on a clear customer focus – they are our most important asset to further develop the platform according to their needs. We’ve recently strongly strengthened our team, with Black Pearls VC investment, we’re now even more ready to take the next step and accelerate our growth. Black Pearls is a great VC to have onboard, not only because of its knowledge of how to scale up and trim young companies towards efficiency, but also to open doors in Poland where our great IT team is also based.” – Dimitris Giannoccaro the CEO of IamIP

“IamIP is our first investment in Sweden. We believe that the market of intellectual property software is ripe for disruption. By offering a best-in-class software for patent search and patent management focusing on fostering more collaboration among its clients, IamIP is very well positioned to become a leader in this space. Also, our investment in IamIP fits perfectly into our investment thesis: the company has a world-class team with a strong deep tech background, which is one of IamIP’s biggest assets. Moreover, the company addresses one of the last few paper-based and manually handled industries – the complex intellectual property market. The company is trusted by the world’s most innovative companies and is now a must-have platform facilitating decision-making regarding innovation. Whether for searching for patents, monitoring competitors, or for the collaboration on most critical IP assets – the ideas of employees: IamIP has the solution.” – Aleksander Dobrzyniecki, Partner at Black Pearls VC

About Black Pearls VC

Black Pearls VC is a Poland-based early-stage venture capital firm focused on seed, post-seed, and Series A investments in leading tech startups from Northern & Central Europe. Focusing on supporting ambitious entrepreneurs in building companies with a global reach, Black Pearls VC is usually one of the company’s first investors, helping founders scale and reach their goals. Black Pearls VC focuses on deep tech startups working across various sectors and believes in supporting entrepreneurs who develop novel and ambitious technologies. It usually invests at an early stage with initial investments ticket ranging between €100k – €1m and follow-on investments in later rounds. Black Pearls VC is a part of Kauffman Fellows network of over 400 venture firms and organizations.

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