The 5th Wave of CVC is coming


We are pleased to present to you a report on the sentiment of cooperation between corporations and start-ups during the crisis caused by COVID-19.

Space3ac decided to ask large companies what are their plans related to functioning in a start-up environment in 4 main areas: trends, efficiency, investment and CSR. Key data, which you will find in the report:

  • 5th wave CVC manifest
  • Main factors behind cooperation with start-ups
  • Key areas of search for start-ups by corporations
  • The level of optimism regarding cooperation in the short and medium term
  • Trends in investment strategies
  • Tips for start-ups starting cooperation with corporations
  • Statements by industry experts

The first wave of investment was called the era of conglomerates. The second began with the flourishing and dynamic development of the Silicon Valley and the technology companies that formed in it. The third era began with the development of the internet and dotcom boom. The fourth wave is the era of unicorns, private technology companies valued at over $ 1 billion. The end of each of the four waves brought a major economic crisis, which forced the market to change the rules of the game, but which also heralded a new technological revolution. Today, due to the crisis caused by the global pandemic of COVID-19, we are once again dealing with the twilight of the previous era of corporate investment in start-ups and the beginning of a completely new deal. It is a test, not only for corporate investment departments that will have to adapt their strategies to the new reality, but also for technological start-ups that will have to find solid business foundations to survive. Welcome to The Fifth Wave: The Era of Efficiency. The Report is avaliable to download under the link –

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