Rafał Reszelewski received the Edgar Wilson Award


Rafał Reszelewski from Świdwin is the first Pole to receive the Edgar Wilson Award, one of the most important awards an amateur astronomer can obtain.

Rafał was awarded for the discovery of comet P/2014 C1 (TOTAS) which he observed on the 1st of February. Reszelewski, a participant of the TOTAS project localized the object and indicated its cometary activity.

P/2014 C1 is a short-periodic comet with a 5.31 year period and 1.68 AU perihelion distance.

The Edgar Wilson Award has been granted to astronomers for the discovery of a comet every year since 1999. So far, most awards were given to well-known American and Japanese amateur astronomers (including David H. Levy, Don Machholz, Kaoru Ikeya and others).

Rafał is only 18 years old, but his accomplishments are significant – starting from SOHO comets, through the “rediscovery” of objects in the Asteroid Belt, ending with detecting planetoids passing the Earth. Rafał works in a very advancing section of astronomy – which is developing mostly due to him and other active amateur astronomers.

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