TEDxESA – 11th of November 2015


The European Space Agency is organising the first TEDx event on 11th of November 2015. The theme for this TEDx is “Space Beyond Fiction”.  

The first TEDxESA will take place at ESA’s establishment in Noordwijk in the Netherlands. Under the theme of “Science Beyond Fiction”, a diverse team of international speakers will look at the fascination of space from various organisations and different points of view.

André Kuipers at ISS in 2004 / Credits - NASA

André Kuipers at ISS in 2004 / Credits – NASA

The event will be moderated by the Dutch Astronaut André Kuipers. TEDxESA will point out to visionary projects up in space that will help to answer the most relevant questions about our universe, and TEDxESA will take a look at how space technology and space data can make a difference and give benefit to our lives here on earth already.
Furthermore, TEDxESA will show how creativity and fiction can spark our imagination and our eagerness to achieve new results in science, and will also look at space science from a humorous point of view. TEDxESA will be the perfect networking event to meet with innovators, entrepreneurs, forward thinkers and scientists from various different industries.

More information can be found here: http://tedx.esa.int


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