POLSA’s new director to be chosen


The Chancellery of the Prime Minister announced the enrollment for the position of the director of the Polish Space Agency.

Earlier this year the Polish Space Agency was established and professor Marek Banaszkiewicz became its first director. His tenure is due to last until the next director is chosen in result of the competition, probably by the middle of May.

On the 15 April on Public Information Bulletin website of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister the announcement of the position recruitment appeared. The closing date for entries is the 27th April.

A candidate for the director of POLSA should be a Polish citizen, have practical experience in senior management and have a good command of English. Apart from those he is required to hold a Ph.D. title, have at least 3 years of experience in management and a 6-year period of service in the high technology sector.

The first comments suggest, that a couple of candidates are to be expected. Some of them will come with scientific background, while the others may have strong political support. For the moment it is not known whether professor Banaszkiewicz will apply for the position.

POLSA’s director will have important obligations to fulfill during his 5-year long cadence. The most important are administrative issues, which if dealt properly, will allow Polish space industry companies organise both national and international projects in a more convenient and quicker way.

Announcement link (in Polish language):

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