Kosmonauta.net webpage version updated


After several months of redesign, a new version of Kosmonauta.net website was launched. At the same time, the site was moved into a cloud-type server.

The new Kosmonauta.net website is the third installment since 2009. The new “3.0” version is modernised, with more user-friendly functions. In addition, the “3.0” version of Kosmonauta.net’s website has a separate English-language site.

At the same time, a decision was made to move our server into a cloud. The decision was based on our rising popularity – mainly the Polish version of website. For a few times, for example during MSL Curiosity rover landing, our previous server was unable to handle the number of requests and reacted very slowly. With cloud-type server such a situation should not happen again. Thank you for your visits and comments on our “2.0” version of website. We hope that the current, “3.0” website version will provide you more information about the Polish and European space sector.

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