Perun rocket demonstrator flight


Polish company SpaceForest conducted a test flight of a demonstrator version of the Perun suborbital rocket.

SpaceForest is a Polish space sector company, active in telecommunication and rocket technologies. This company is realising a suborbital rocket project (SIR – Suborbital Inexpensive Rocket) since 2018. Under this project, SpaceForest works on the “Perun” rocket, which will be able to deliver up to 50 kg of payload to altitude of over 100 km.

The first flight of the demonstrator of Perun rocket was conducted on 25th of January 2020. The rocket started from the Drawsko Pomorskie military field in north-western Poland. The rocket reached the maximum altitude of 9750 meters during a supersonic flight. After the flight the rocket was recovered and delivered back to the SpaceForest premises.

First flight of the Perun rocket demonstrator / Credits – SpaceForest


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