Space3ac Poland Prize Partnership Agreements signed


LPP, Olivia Business Centre, Pekabex, PZU Lab and the Port of Gdansk Authority have signed the Partnership Agreement with Space3ac Poland Prize. 

On November 21st, at the Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk, the Partnership Agreement between Poland Prize Space3ac and LPP, Olivia Business Centre, Pekabex, PZU Lab and the Port of Gdansk Authority was signed. Those entities have decided to participate in the acceleration programme for foreign start-ups supported by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The programme aims to encourage foreign technological companies to start their business in Gdansk and to attract them by working together with local industry leaders.

In its fourth edition, the Poland Prize Space3ac programme links young technological companies from outside Poland (however with possible Polish participation to the team) with requirements set by large companies for innovative technologies in business solutions. The preferred technological areas of the accelerator are transport and logistics, construction and proptech and data science. Start-ups selected to the acceleration programme will have the chance to work for leading Pomeranian companies. The organizer – Gdańsk-based Blue Dot Solutions company – plans to support about 20 young companies during the duration of the programme (up to January 2020) from such countries as UK, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Spain or Ukraine. Within the Poland Prize program start-ups will receive numerous support – next to working with large companies they can count on up to 200k PLN (about 46k EUR), business and technical mentoring and a number of services, which will support start-ups in starting their business in Poland.

– Working with a large industry partners is a huge challenge for start-ups – said Wojciech Drewczynski of Blue Dot Solutions, the creator of the Space3ac acceleration programme. – But the resulting prize can be even larger: implementation at a major company is key to further market success.

– During the last two years of cooperation with companies accelerated in Space3ac, we confirmed that working with innovations at the Port of Gdansk was hitting the bull’s eye – said Marcin Osowski, Vice-President of the Port of Gdansk Authority, Chief of Infrastructure. – For maritime transport there are many possibilities for new technologies and we are happy that we can build the port’s position as a center for developing new and very useful solutions for this industry.

The Agreement for conducting Space3ac Poland Prize is signed / Credits - Interizon

The Agreement for conducting Space3ac Poland Prize is signed / Credits – Interizon

– The most important part of activities such as this start-up accelerator are people and well prepared cooperation workframes – mentioned Dariusz Gołębiewski, Vice-President of the Board at PZU LAB. – In the previous edition of Space3ac we closely looked at dynamic start-up environment and saw how large its potential is. We count on successes in this edition.

The basic idea how Olivia Business Centre operates is by having a meeting place for large global corporations with ambitious young entrepreneurs, who want to develop their potential on a global scale – described Maciej Grabski, President of the Olivia Business Centre. – Thus the way the Space3ac accelerator works is very close to our values and we’re convinced of its large potential.

Macin Seniuk from the Start-up Development Department in the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) explains further, – The Poland Prize Pilot programme is another PARP initiative supporting the Polish start-up ecosystem. This time we offer a visa an acceleration program for the best foreign start-ups, which want to create and develop their products in Poland. Local accelerators such as Space3ac organized by Blue Dot Solutions know exactly, how to cooperate with start-ups and efficiently commercialize their solutions. Taking into account that they managed to involve reliable business partners, I am sure that this cooperation will result in very successful implementations.

We know very well that Gdansk and the Tricity Agglomeration has a lot of attractive conditions to start and scale up new businesses – a very dynamic start-up ecosystem is the region is a key advantage here. We eagerly await for new technologies and foreign start-up teams. We hope that by developing businesses in Poland we can confirm that in our country we’re open for innovations, and can professionally support start-up activities.

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Marcin Popiel, Blue Dot Solutions
+48 732 681 351

Poland Prize is a programme supporting foreign start-ups to start their activities in Poland. It’s aim is to lead the way for foreign companies into the Polish start-up ecosystem. The programme links acceleration with start-up soft landing and gives special considerations to providing foreign start-ups to work and develop in Poland.

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