A new video of the BRITE-PL Lem satellite integration


At the end of April 2012, a video showing the integration process of the BRITE-PL Lem satellite was released. This major step in the BRITE-PL project took place in November 2011 over a few days.

On the 24th of November the first Polish science satellite, BRITE-PL Lem, was assembled for the first time. The integration process of subsystems and structural components lasted for approximately two weeks. A representative from the Canadian Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) assisted to these works. At SFL the CanX-3 BRITE satellite was created and serves as a basis for the BRITE project.

The video below presents the integration process of the BRITE-PL Lem satellite. The speed of this video is approximately 100 times faster than normal. The video features English and Polish languages.

The integration process for BRITE-PL Lem satellite / Credits: Brite-TV, CBK PAN

The BRITE-PL Lem satellite is scheduled to be launched at the end of September 2012.

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