Creotech Instruments presents the HyperSat platform


The Polish Creotech Instruments company presented the new small satellite HyperSat platform.

The Creotech Instruments company has been consequently conducting the plan to become the first Polish satellite integrator. The announcement of HyperSat satellite platform is part of this plan.

HyperSat unveiled

Details were presented on the 26th of April 2017, during a special press conference held at the Polish Press Agency. Dr Grzegorz Brona, Jacek Kosiec and dr Marcin Stolarski presented the concept of the HyperSat platform. In the smallest configuration HyperSat’s modular construction has the size of 30x30x10 cm and a mass of 10 kg. The largest configuration is 30x30x60 cm and 60 kg respectively. The structure of this platform is open and Creotech encourages other companies to collaborate in the design of individual HyperSat components. Currently the project development partners are the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw University of Technology respectively.

Video material of the manufacturing process of the HyperSat platform shown during the press conference. / Credits: Creotech Instruments

Is it an answer to market needs?

Creotech Instruments aims at dynamically developing the market of small satellites. Simultaneously, the company intends to avoid competing with big constellations supported by foreign Venture Capital funds with multi-million research and development contribution. Dr Brona claimed that other satellite operators are mainly interested in data collected by research instruments. Therefore, low cost of production and rapid integration (nine months since ordering a satellite until integrating the research instrument and launching) may be attractive for future customers. Dr Stolarski said that Creotech will be able to manufacture up to ten platforms a year. First launches are to be conducted in 2019. The company informed that there are first potential customers.

Moreover, Creotech claimed that mostly commercial COTS solutions are to be used during manufacturing of HyperSat. The platform is equipped with a rocket standard fastening joint, which cannot be found in CubeSat satellites.

More information can be found on the website of the project.

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