First Polish telecommunications satellite?


Will Poland finally posses its very own telecommunications satellite in a couple of years? Now it is probable, and the military has been pointing out the urgent need of possessing one for years.

On July 7th during a meeting regarding the ARTES program representatives of the Polish Space Agency confirmed that Poland should soon have its own telecommunications satellite. It was stated aloud that this is great news for national telecommunications. The satellite will be responsible for communication between different military formations, also outside of Poland.

There were no technical details of the satellite stated during the meeting, neither was any launch date. These issues will be probably discussed in future studies commissioned by POLSA.

Satellite telecommunications is the biggest part of the space sector, making it 1/3 of the branch. In the last years there has been a considerable increase in demand for such services around the world. Countries such as Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bangladesh or Bulgaria already posses their own telecommunications satellites. Such satellites reduce dependence of national markets on foreign vendors. The dynamic increase of value and range of satellite telecommunications services will certainly be observed during upcoming years.

Simultaneously, Polish military forces will obtain their own communication system, which will prevent from committing mistakes such as one from 2012. Polish soldiers stationing in Afghanistan were using the Jamal 202 satellite, a property of Russian Gazprom, to communicate with the staff. The affair was broadly covered by Polish media.

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