Conferences and meetings

The ERIG e.V team from Germany is the winner of the sixth edition of the international Mars rover competition ERC Space and Robotics Event. The Czech RoverOva was just behind them, and the bronze medal was won – for the first time in ERC history – by two teams: DJS Antariksh from India and Robocol from Colombia. In this year’s final of the competition, 26 teams from 14 countries of the world competed against each other.

Others Rendering of the LUNARK base in the Arctic / Credits - LUNARK

The LUNARK Habitat is a simulated Moon habitat for research, which will be occupied by two Dannish researchers in late 2020.

Others Cover of the European State of the Climate 2019 / Credits - 3S/DWD/EUTMETSAT CM SAF

European State of the ClimateWarming trend shows 11 of the 12 warmest years occurred since 2000, according to the Copernicus European State of the Climate reportEuropean State of the Climate.

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