Yuri’s Night 2021


Sitting in the capsule of the Vostok spacecraft on 12 April 1961, at 6.07 a.m., Yuri Gagarin embarks on his journey to the Earth orbit. At that time nobody knew about the mission. A few minutes later, the news spread like wildfire.

This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of Yuri’s Gagarin’s accomplishment. On this occasion, the WroSpace association in cooperation with its partners are organising Yuri’s Night Wrocław 2021 for the fifth time.

Yuri’s Night 

Yuri’s Night is an international event held every year to celebrate our dreams, current space exploration and past extra-terrestrial conquests. This year, Yuri’s Night celebrates its twentieth birthday worldwide, and fifth in Poland.

For the second time online

This year’s edition of Yuri’s Night Wrocław will be held online for the second time. The remote character of the event does not diminish its attractiveness – there are plenty of activities to choose from. Everyone will find something interesting.

The first day will start with the screening of the Cosmic Memories – Probe film. For this occasion, the organisers asked people connected with the space industry, science popularisers and enthusiasts about their first memories connected with space and their ‘space heros’. 

Packed with lectures and quizzes with prizes, the day will culminate in a talk hosted by Ewelina Zambrzycka-Kościelnicka. Together with distinguished guests, she will present the history of the space race. This is not to be missed!

On the second day, the Solar System Voyager board game will be played online. It has been created by this year’s secondary school graduates. It is worth noting that this will be the only opportunity to play this game until it goes on sale as a printed game board. Sign-ups last until 06.04.2021.

The WroSpace Association has cooperated for years with amateur radio operators  and they will also mark their presence during the event. Members of SP9MOA and SP6ZWR clubs will reveal what ham radio has to do with space and talk about amateur satellite communications.

Art works coming from “space”…

In addition, the event includes an art competition, a game about the first flight into space, quizzes with prizes, a profile picture overlay for social media, and a stratospheric mission.

You can still submit artwork for the competition Yuri Gagarin – the first man in space’ until 4 April (https://wrospace.pl/konkurs-plastyczny/). The competition is organised in three age categories and anyone can take part. Prizes include printouts of the work on promotional gadgets, sets of space gadgets from the WroSpace Association, and… a stratospheric balloon flight!

Already on Monday, 12 April, a few selected works will be broadcast as a radio signal from a flying balloon. This will enable anyone with the Robot36 app installed to decode the works using the broadcast signal. Exactly sixty years after the launch of Vostok, Gagarin will once again launch into ‘space’.

Yuri’s Night Wrocław… Where exactly?

The event will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. You can find all links on the fan page of the WroSpace Association (https://www.facebook.com/wrospace), on the Yuri’s Night Wrocław 2021 event (https://fb.me/e/fHIGIIqpZ) and on the www.wrospace.pl website.

Live on Youtube: 

– Saturday, 10 April: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My3LDgNxXck

– Sunday, 11 April: https://youtu.be/UHpt7zMmyVA 


The event is organised by the WroSpace association in cooperation with the Solar System Voyager, Centrum Badań Kosmicznych PAN, Planetarium Wenus, Młodzieżowe Obserwatorium Astronomiczne in Niepołomice, PWr Aerospace student club and Polish Amateur Radio Association. 

Polish Space Agency took the honorary patronage over the fifth edition of Yuri’s Night Wroclaw. Come and join us for the celebrations!

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