LUNARK Habitat


The LUNARK Habitat is a simulated Moon habitat for research, which will be occupied by two Dannish researchers in late 2020.

LUNARK – Building and Testing a Moon Home for Everyone

The Dream – We are two Danish space architects with a dream of making outer space accessible for everyone. We’ve put all of our efforts into designing the most advanced and livable Moon Home.

Mission overview – With thousands of hours spent designing, researching, and prototyping, we are now ready to build our LUNARK Habitat – a simulated Moon habitat for research, with the aim that it one day can sustain life on the Moon. Isolated and confined in one of the harshest climates on Earth, we will test our Habitat, enduring -30°C, hurricane winds, and hungry polar bears when we venture on our most extreme project to date.

In the fall of 2020, we will embark on a journey to Northern Greenland to carry out a 3-month simulated Moon mission. We will live in complete solitude, cut off from the rest of the world, to test the architecture, ourselves, and technologies for future Moon missions.

The ultimate goal is to develop the best future Moon habitat.

A home for the humans, not just the trained astronauts.

We are building the Habitat in Denmark.

Partnering with scientists, engineers, and polar experts.

The habitat will be tested over three months in Northern Greenland.

Sebastian Aristotelis and Karl-Johan Sørensen will live in it, disconnected from civilization on a fully-fledged lunar analogue mission.

Research – sharing the findings

The lessons we learn over the mission will be shared and implemented in  future Moon habitat designs.

Real Stress: Current analogue missions carried out by the space industry often have a major limitation – they do not involve real danger. Arctic Greenland is one of the most Moon-like places on Earth. A strange desolate white planet. By going there we don’t have to pretend. It will feel real.

Kickstarter campaign

For more information read the article at kickstarter:

Work on the mockup of LUNARK / Credits - LUNARK
Work on the mockup of LUNARK / Credits – LUNARK


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