Public consultations of the Polish National Space Program


Public consultations of the National Space Program began in Poland on 19th of December 2017.

The National Space Program (NSP) a project prepared by the Polish Space Agency (PAK, POLSA) presents as its priority the support of priority projects in the field of national satellite systems development as well as assisting the private sector, research units, public administration and non-governmental organizations.

On 19th of December 2017, a stage of public consultations was opened on the contents of NCP. These consultations are scheduled to end on 19th of January 2018.

The length of the program is set for 8 years and for a budget of 1429 million PLN (ca. 340 million EUR).

As Col. Piotr Suszyński, Vice President of the Defense Department for the Polish Space Agency explains – the development of the national space industry is currently mainly taking place in international organizations in which Poland is a member, such as ESA, EUMETSAT, EDA. The implementation of the National Space Program as the main program for public funding in this industry will result in the growth of the domestic space sector. Moreover, it will accelerate the implementation of projects of national satellite infrastructure development and assure national security and defense needs. The program will also provide a system of effective consultancy, financial and educational support for this sector.

The National Space Agency is foreseeing the following areas for public support as part of the NSP project:

  1. The development of satellite systems.
  2.  Areas of intervention in Poland.
    a. Support of technological development
    b. Growth and integration of existing infrastructure
  3. Support of skill development

The purpose of the National Space Program is the development of abilities that will fulfill the country’s needs in the field of satellite technologies. It will also allow the growth of the Polish space sector potential on the international market.

To increase the usage of satellite data in governmental units, the National Space Program’s project includes measures to support legislative work and implement special trainings in the use of satellite data for public administration officials. The NSP project also includes several initiatives that will lead to the creation of specialist working on the development of the polish national space sector.

The National Space Program will be a sectoral program financed from a special separate fund of the national budget, allocated directly to the Polish Space Agency. The budget for activities carried out during the first 8 years of the NSP’s functioning, estimated by PAK, is PLN 1.429 billion. According to the declarations of the Ministry of Development, already PLN 25 million have been planned in the national budget for 2018.

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