A new web portal dedicated to European space research


A new dedicated web portal for space research in Europe will soon be launched.

It will make the findings of the European space projects available to professionals in the field, interested citizens, journalists and educators. It will also help to form new partnerships, enable funding analysis, identify commercial opportunities that are created by the findings, generate interest in space exploration and science. The Polish Blue Dot Solutions company is leading the project.

Leading search technologies will enable individuals and organisations to identify trends, create their own filters and searches and to set up dynamic research networks. Search engine optimisation tactics and an extensive communication and dissemination strategy will provide the stakeholders with greater visibility and understanding of the project.

The main goal of the project as was outlined by the European Commission called for “supplying an information-based, user-friendly and visually appealing single resource for space research in Europe.”

Gisèle Van Bunnen, Project Officer of HATCH project: “I expect that HATCH will be the platform of reference for all those interested in European space research, both citizens and professionals. I hope it can lead to new partnerships and facilitate exploitation of research results”.

This institutionally-funded project will function as an archival and outreach tool for compiling and disseminating the results of the European space projects to a wide group of users including educators, scientific journalists, researchers and industry stakeholders.

The portal is a Coordination and Support Action of Horizon2020. Following a rigorous assessment process, the HATCH consortium was selected and tasked with implementing the project.

The consortium comprises participants from across Europe and represents 4 SMEs and one technology centre. It was assembled by Catena Space in the U.K. using their networks and experience in collaborative research and development.

The consortium was selected to highlight the dynamism and aspirations of smaller companies, especially with respect to working with highly advanced digital technologies.

Ed Chester, Catena Space: “It was exciting to realise we had a ready-to-go consortium of perfectly-sized organisations. Working with mismatched business profiles in a development project can create unwelcome dynamics: HATCH brings focussed small companies together with very complementary expertise, and adds some specific leading ‘big data’ competence from a technology centre that we know very well. As you will see, this team has already expanded the scope and potential of the original brief … and we’re only just getting started.”

The team members have extensive experience in the space sector, business management, technology, web development, digital communications and strategy. Most members of the consortium have previously worked with each other.

The HATCH Project Consortium:

Blue Dot Solutions (Poland)
Operates a nationwide space domain dissemination portal including the most popular space-related Polish-language website. It also provides web project services to ESA.

Catena Space (U.K.)
Combines space sector expertise and technology development with business analysis and management. It is active in public engagement, technical space training, strategic support and aerospace R&D.

Eurecat (Spain)
The principal technology centre of Catalonia, providing the industrial and business sector with differential technology and advanced expertise in a wide range of disciplines to respond to their needs for innovation and enhance their competitiveness.

WATERDOG mobile (Portugal)
An experienced design and delivery service for advanced communication platforms including a fully digital national newspaper in Portugal.

WIT Berry (Latvia)
An international digital communications consultancy firm. It offers a multicultural user experience and brand concepts.

The HATCH project was launched on 1st November 2017, and is expected to last 20 months.
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HATCH will be a collaborative project, encouraging greater involvement of professionals and citizens. So, please let us know if you would like to take part in our surveys. We welcome your views and feedback. This will help us to identify and address the concerns and requirements of end-users.

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