New “Reaching stars” brochure released


The current state of the Polish space sector has been described in the new, updated “Reaching for the stars” brochure published by the Polish Ministry of Development and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP).

The first edition of “Reaching for the stars” brochure was published in 2013 and presented the Polish space industry at the beginning of the country’s membership in the European Space Agency (ESA). The main goal of the leaflet was to inform and promote this sector. It was also the first complex overview of its main aspects, including the history of Polish space activities and achievements. The brochure also included descriptions of leading companies.

Four years after joining ESA the Polish space sector has changed, expanded and evolved. This is why the brochure “Reaching for the stars” was updated to reflect the last four years. The publication focuses on presenting quantitative as well as qualitative data (science and technology potential) of the Polish space industry’s main entities.

A comprehensive list of institutions focusing on supporting the sector has been included as well as information on how both the downstream and upstream sectors expanded over the years. Leading companies have been described – portfolia of 20 enterprises along with a competency map for each were attached. Among the presented companies Blue Dot Solutions was listed, the owner of

The overview emphasised the role of the Pomerania region, which is a crucial area for the Polish space sector. This is where the first space business accelerator was formed. Space3ac fosters growth of projects and ideas for the downstream sector. The 2017 edition will focus on the implementation of satellite technologies for intermodal transport.

Through various growth-ensuring mechanisms, such as hackatons, Galileo Masters competition, POSITION and Space3ac accelerators, a few hundreds of projects have been strengthened since 2015. To fully exploit the potential of the region, the creation of an ESA Business Incubator  Centre (ESA BIC) is expected in Poland. Gdansk (together with the city of Krakow) is one of candidate locations for country’s first ESA BIC.

The full version of the brochure is available under this link: “Reaching stars – Polish space sector 4 years within ESA“.


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