The European satellite systems serving the European security


The European Parliament adopted a report drafted by MEP Bogdan Zdrojewski on Space capabilities for European security and defence.

The document underlines the possibilities that have been gained by the Member States in the areas of adequate positioning, observation of borders, air and maritime travel control, as well as an analysis of climate change. All of it thanks to the EU programs, Copernicus and Galileo.

„The EU programs delivering positioning services, Galileo, and Earth observation, Copernicus, should also be used in order to assure our security of the EU citizens, because undoubtedly, they have such capabilities”- said the rapporteur, Bogdan Zdrojewski. “The common satellite systems serve the organs responsible for securing the borders, coordination of maritime and aerial transport, but also in agriculture or the scientists analysing the composition of atmosphere and tracking the climate changes. But we should not be afraid to say that they can also serve the CSDP”. 

The report states that a singular system of efficient transmission of data obtained from the satellites to the relevant services should be thoroughly analysed in order to fully use the capabilities that the EU is building. What is worth underlining is also the need for a long-term financial guarantees of the space programs so that they can be further developed according to their potential.

„Space technologies are simply a good investment both for our security and economy”- underlines Bogdan Zdrojewski.

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