Blue Dot Solutions at IAC 2016


Blue Dot Solutions will be present at the prestigious International Astronautical Congress 2016. 

The abstract titled “GNSS-related projects under Horizon 2020 in Poland” submitted by Blue Dot Solutions has been selected for presentation at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). This is an important publication for the company and also a contribution to the Polish space sector.

The publication will review satellite navigation (GNSS) projects realised under the European Horizon 2020 scheme with Polish leaders and partners. This is an important topic for the Polish space sectors, as the participation to Horizon 2020 projects is seen as rather low and more direct activities are certainly needed. The company’s experts are participating in two Horizon 2020 projects: POSITION, the first project in the H2020 Space call with a Polish leader (Black Pearls VC) and CaBilAvi. POSITION aims to support the business development of at least ten Polish ideas utilizing GNSS, whereas CaBilAvi is a project promoting the EGNOS system in civil aviation. Apart from these two, there are some other GNSS projects realised under Horizon 2020 with Polish partners.

Logotyp Blue Dot Solutions / Credits: BDS

Logotyp Blue Dot Solutions / Credits: BDS

Representatives of Blue Dot Solutions (and formerly continuously participated and presented papers at the IAC as the only Polish entity since 2010. Blue Dot Solutions was also the organizer of the first Polish Space Industry booth during IAC 2015 in Jerusalem. Thus the company’s presence to the IAC contributes to other Polish companies and institutes, through obtained contacts and first-hand knowledge on the space industry.

The International Astronautical Congress is probably the most important conference for the global space sector. For almost a whole week hundreds of representatives meet and present their results and plans for the future. IAC is also an event, where the heads of major space agencies talk about the current and future development of the space programs. Each year the Congress is organized on another continent. This year the most important summit of the space industry will take part at the end of September in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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