Race To Mars available on Steam Early Access!


Starting from the 7th of March the Race To Mars game is available on Steam through Early Access.

Race To Mars (RTM) is a Polish turn-based strategic economy game, where player takes lead of a newly founded company from the space sector. The game launched on the 7th of March on Steam Early Access. A few months after a half-successful crowdfunding campaign, the developers created an advanced pre-release version of the game. The Intermarum gamedev studio continued to work on the game due to a big interest shown all around the world.


The Race To Mars game teaser / Credits – Intermarum.pl

The game is not yet finished, but it already features many important elements. It is possible to build various company buildings, hire new employees and conduct research on space technologies (so far just 100 of them, but there will be more). Kosmonauta.net is also actively participating in the creation of the game. For example our representatives have been responsible for creation of the space technologies tree and connecting it to various space industry sections, such as satellites or launchers.

The current game version is already playable. In the beginning the player should initiate research and development activities. After development of some key technologies the game enables the player to build a satellite. Next, the player must choose a rocket and pay the launch costs. In this game version there are also some extra features, such as random events, press conferences or bank services.

The link to Race To Mars on Steam Early Access.



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