GIS is in Warsaw (back again)!


Human – Environment  Technology – this is the slogan of this year’s GIS Day edition, which will be held in Warsaw. This event is organized by the biggest universities from Warsaw as part of the global Geography Awareness Week. The event is called “GIS Day in the capital”.

This is going to be the second event of this type held in Warsaw: last year a “GIS in the capital” was organized by the WGiK “GEOIDA” student union from the Warsaw University of Technology and the Geoinformatics and Teledetection student association from the Warsaw University (UW). This year the organizers are as follows: the Student Scientific Association of Spatial Economy and “GISowcy” Student association from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) as well as Scientific Group of Geoinformatics and Teledetection of the Warsaw University, the “GEOIDA” group and the Scientific Group of Spatial Economy from the Warsaw University of Technology (PW).

The honorary patronage of this conference is given to the minister of education  Ms Krystyna Szumilas, the governor of the Mazovia region – Mr Jacek Kozlowski, the Mazovia marshal – Mr Adam Struzik, the chief surveyor of Poland – Mr Kazimierz Bujakowski, the rector of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – Professor Alojzy Szymanski, the rector of the Warsaw University – Professor Marcin Palysz and the rector of Warsaw University of Technology – Professor Jan Szmidt. The honorary patronage was also given to the deans of those departments, where the event organizing groups are active, i.e. to the dean of the Forestry Department of SGGW – Professor Henryk Zybura, the dean of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of SGGW – Professor Jerzy Jeznach, the dean of the Geodesy and Cartography Department of PW – Professor Alina Maciejewska and the dean of Geography and Regional Studies Deparment of UW – Professor Andrzej Lisowski.

The GIS Day 2013 “GIS in the capital” will be held on the 21st of November (Thursday) in the Scientific and Didactic Center of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. During the conference the participants will attend the technical session, where invited speakers will represent academia, research and development institutes, commercial firms and GIS passionates. The organizers intend to concentrate on the practical elements of the event – the technical session will be complemented by a set o exhibits and presentations. The participats will be able to learn more on the latest accomplishments and technologies in the GIS field. GIS enthusiasts of all ages will have the chance to take part in web contests, an urban game, an exhibition fair and software workshops. The end of November for GIS enthusiasts in the capital promises to be very interesting.

Information about this event are regularly updated on the Facebook profile page: We also encourage to learn more about the proceedings of last year’s conference at the webpage.

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