SSBV Polska announced


During the Small Satellite Conference and Exhibition, the SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group announced the creation of a new SSBV Poland.

During the IAAA / Utah State University Small Satellite Conference and Exhibition (10-15 August), the SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group announced the creation of a new SSBV daughter company based in Poland. As of next month,  the company will start its operations from  the Science & Technology Park in Suwalki, located in the North-Eastern part of Poland. The company will operate under the name of SSBV Polska and will primarily focus on developing and providing Space- and Ground-based systems. With access to the experience, products and resources available within the Group, SSBV Polska will concentrate on the development of a next-generation nanosat platform called PanelSATNANO.

“Based on the experience gained inside SSBV for small satellites, the PanelSATNANO platform will be a mission-enabler for cubesat form-factor satellites that can be used for In-Orbit-Demonstration, as well as operational missions“, said Pieter van Duijn, CEO of the SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group. “This should be seen as a next generation CubeSat platform, that is high-performance, fault-tolerant, features a mature Data Management and ADCS System and flexible instrument / payload capability to support different missions”, he added. 

SSBV Polska is also expected to host a modern ground station infrastructure in Suwalki. The station will be able to provide uplink and downlink services in VHF, UHF, S-Band, X-band and Ka-band. It is intended to support, among others, TTC and high-speed data reception services for Low-EarthOrbiting satellites. SSBV Polska will not only work together with other SSBV Aerospace & Technology Group companies and international partners, but will also build strong ties with other Polish companies and research institutes.

Logo grupy SSBV / Credits: SSBV“We have been investigating the possibilities of an expansion of the Group into the more Eastern part of Europe for several years and we feel that Poland is a strong country which has clearly proven to be motivated and determined to develop its own competence in the Space sector. We look forward to being a part of the Polish Space Community”, said Mr Van Duijn.



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