Jan Heweliusz Contest


The dealine of the Heweliusz contest is aproaching. You have only two days to send an application. The contest is for students from Elementary and Secondary schools. They are asked to create and submit pieces of Art related to Jan Heweliusz (the scientist after whom the second Polish science satellite was named), his life and work, and / or an actual scientific project bearing his name.

We would like to remind the rules:

1. Every piece of Art is to be DIGITALIZED (scanned or photographed), saved as a .jpg file if possible.

2. All productions of one school are to be send in an UNIQUE FOLDER, named with the school name and city.

3. The files inside the folder can be named using the pupil’s or any other name. They will be submitted to the jury unnamed, and EACH SCHOOL CAN BE ASKED to name the pupil if his/her artwork is chosen.

4. The school folder CAN be compressed (.zip, .rar) but doesn’t HAVE TO be.

5. The school folder CAN be sent by email to dmorel@lfv.pl if it is not too big. It CAN also be shared in a Dropbox folder if bigger than 10 Mb. If you choose to share your school folder using Dropbox please send Mr.Didier the link once it is online. If you are not used to the Dropbox interface please find the website at the following address: https://www.dropbox.com

6. The dead-line has been set earlier on Saturday the 17th, 12am local time (Poland). As the formatting of the data can take some time, a new dead-line is set 24 hours later, meaning on Sunday 18th at 12am.

The organisator received many emails related to the contest. Thank you for your patience, please DO NOT contact the French school, because they will not be able to help you with the matter. Please contact Didier Morel (dmorel@lfv.pl).

Thanks to Mr. Didier for submitting the information.

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