Kosmonauta.net at IAC 2012


For the third time the abstracts written by Kosmonauta.net’s staff were accepted to the prestigious International Astronautical Congress. This year’s edition will be held in Naples in Italy. This is the first time for Kosmonauta.net to give three presentations at the IAC.


The International Astronautical Congress (IAC) is considered to be the most important and most prestigious conference related to the space industry. Each year, in the beginning of October, the IAC is held in a different city on another continent. It is an event, during which the most important representatives of the space industry meet – space agency directors, presidents of various companies as well as engineers and scientists. All abstracts accepted for the IAC have to be of high quality and make an important impact on the development of astronautics.


Since 2010, Kosmonauta.net is actively present at the IAC. In 2010, the Congress  was held in Prague (Czech Republic), where Kosmonauta.net presented a work titled “From simple fascination to professional projects – the Polish webcommunity perspective”. Next year, the IAC was held in Cape Town (South Africa), where our presentation “Regional suborbital services – prospects for Central Europe” focused on the predicted market of suborbital services until the end of this decade. It has to be noted, that in the latest years just a few Polish speakers were present at these events. For example, the 2010 edition featured only three presentations from the Polish space industry.

The IAC 2012 will be held in Naples, Italy. This year Kosmonauta.net will give not just one but three presentations, all of them focused on Poland. We consider this fact to be an important one, as Poland is currently negotiating its accession to the European Space Agency (ESA). Our presentations have the following titles:

  • “Promoting space activities in Poland and the region in support of ESA accession through the Kosmonauta.net web service”, main author – Michal Moroz
  • “Polish space activities in the eve of ESA accession”, main author – Krzysztof Kanawka
  • “Impact of the ESA Educational Programmes on development young space workforce in Poland”, main author – Jaroslaw Jaworski. This work was done in close cooperation with the Students’ Space Association.

These three accepted abstracts for this conference can be considered as a major success for Kosmonauta.net. It can be also considered as a success for the whole Polish space industry, as it gives the opportunity to present oneself during a professional event.

See you in Naples! In the coming months we will inform you on our preparations to this conference.

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