BRITE-PL Lem – last stages of tests


The second Polish satellite and the first scientific one, BRITE-PL Lem, is currently undergoing the last stages of testing. At the same time preparations are made for the Preliminary Design Review of Polish instruments which will be installed on-board Heweliusz, the second BRITE-PL satellite.

Since November 2011, when BRITE-PL was assembled, the hardware tests are being continued. A set of thermal, vacuum and electromagnetic compatibility tests have already been concluded with positive results. Soon a series of “open field” tests will begin. These will focus on the on-board telescope and communications system.

After these tests, Lem will be ready to be launched. Probably in late spring or summer it will be sent to the Yasny in Russia, close to border with Kazakhstan. There, the satellite will be integrated with the Dnepr rocket, together with three or four other satellites. BRITE-PL Lem is planned to be launched on the 28th of September 2012.

At the same time work is progressing on the second BRITE-PL satellite – Heweliusz. The team of engineers and scientists from the Polish Space Research Center (CBK PAN) are preparing for the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) of Polish modules, which will be installed on-board Heweliusz. It is a very important stage as the satellite will be built using a number of subsystems created in Poland, such as the telescope module, solar panels, power system or radiation sensor. BRITE-PL Heweliusz should be launched in 2013.



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