Kosmonauta.net at space-related conferences in Prague and Tallinn


In the next few days, Kosmonauta.net will be present at two important astronautical events – the Galileo Application Congress in Prague and NordicBaltsat 2012 in Tallinn.

The Galileo Application Congress in Prague (26th-27th of January 2012) is an unique opportunity to learn about the current status of Galileo and merits and limitations of the system. This Congress aims to be an international event with policy makers, stakeholders, experts and industry representatives present from all across the European Union. Kosmonauta.net will attend this event as one of representatives from Poland vitally interested in the developments and applications of the Galileo system.

Next, Kosmonauta.net’s representatives will visit the NordicBaltSat conference, which will be held between the 1st and 3rd of February 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia. The Conference is targeted at the Baltic States, the Nordic countries and Europe as whole to form a common ground to exchange views, learn from each other, stimulate new partnerships and join forces to support the implementation of the European Space Policy. Kosmonauta.net will attend the event and will
deliver a presentation related to the successful creation of a space-oriented internet service for the community and experts.

If you wish to meet with Kosmonauta.net’s representatives during one of these events, please contact us via the contact form.

About Kosmonauta.net:
Since early 2009, Kosmonauta.net delivers information about the development of the space industry with a special focus on Central Europe. As for today it is the largest space news provider in Poland. Kosmonauta.net was converted into a company in August 2011 and since early 2012 Kosmonauta.net became a Ltd.- type venture with headquarters in Gdańsk, Poland.

Kosmonauta.net’s planned activities for the nearest future include:

  • The company’s own independent projects, such as a small-payload experimental platform,
  • Joint ventures within or related to the aerospace sector (commercial, scientific and educational), also on the international level,
  • Delivering overall and specialized information/data exposure to the general public and specific clients,
  • Supporting local and international technology driven goals or initiatives,
  • The continuing professional participation in space sector meetings, such as the International Astronautical Congress, Space Access or Space Economy in the Multipolar World Conference.

Kosmonauta.net’s staff is an unique mix of people with a different academic (MSc and PhD) and practical experience coming from the aerospace sector and several other fields. We are using this asset to the greatest extend to participate and demonstrate the practical benefits coming from the hi-tech space industry, including emerging applications.

For more inquiries, please contact us via the contact form.

Our informational leaflet - January 2012 version / Credits - Kosmonauta.net

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