Kosmonauta.net – conversion into a Ltd.-type company


On the 21st of November 2011, Kosmonauta.net officially started the process of conversion into a Ltd.-type company. On this day our shareholders met and registered the company in the city of Gdansk. This transition is related to a significant expansion of Kosmonauta.net’s activities in the space sector.

Since early 2009, Kosmonauta.net informs on a daily basis about the development of the space industry with a special focus on Central Europe – as for today it is the largest space news provider in Poland. Now, time has come to take a more active role. Kosmonauta.net’s planned activities for the nearest future include:

  • The company’s own independent projects, such as a small-payload experimental platform,
  • Joint ventures within or related to the aerospace sector, also on international level
  • Delivering overall and specialized information/data exposure to the general public and specific client(s),
  • Supporting local and international goals or initiatives,
  • The continuing participation in space sector events, such as the International Astronautical Congress, Space Access or Space Economy in the Multipolar World Conference.

Kosmonauta.net’s staff is an unique mix of people with different academic and practical experience from the aerospace sector and several other fields. We are using this asset to the greatest extend to demonstrate the practical benefits coming from the hi-tech space industry.

For more information, please contact us via kontakt@kosmonauta.net and visit our English language site www.kosmonauta.net/en

Founding of the Kosmonauta.net Ltd. company / Credits - Kosmonauta.net

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