Kosmonauta.net at the SEMWO’11 conference


Between the 16th and 18th November of 2011 Vilnius will host the international SEMWO’11 Conference (Space Economy in the Multipolar World). Kosmonauta.net will be also present at this event.

The Lithuanian SEMWO’11 conference is going to be a very interesting event, due to the attendance of the European space industry companies and organizations from countries, which do not feature a developed space sector.

It may be a great opportunity to learn about the space developments in countries such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The conference will be hosted in Vilnius during the 16th-18th of November, under the auspices of the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Transport and Communication. This is the second SEMWO conference, one year after the first one took place.

At SEMWO’11 Kosmonauta.net’s representative, Michal Moroz, MA, will present a speech on the prognosed suborbital flight services market in Central Europe. This presentation is an expanded look of our results presented at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2011) in South Africa.

This year Kosmonauta.net attended many important conferences, workshops, fairs and other events related to the aerospace industry. In the beginning of 2011 our representative took part in a meeting with the General Director of ESA, Jean Jacques Dordain. Next, in June, we participated in the Le Bourget fair, followed by the Riga event on the EU’s 7th Framework Programme for space applications and the PECS workshop. In September, we attended to two conferences: at the Military Institute of Space Medicine in Warsaw, and the Space Situation Awareness meeting, also in Warsaw. Finally, in early October our presentation was read at the prestigious IAC 2011 conference.

Thus, SEMWO’11 can be seen as our next step towards developing an expanded network of international firms and organizations, which are interested in information sharing, joint projects and the Polish space industry.

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